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Where Is That  v.

Almost all photographs taken with smartphones have the GPS location of where it was taken embedded within. Where Is That? takes that information and displays it for you on a map, to see where almost any photo was taken. Where Is That? is fast,

Here Is My Info  v.

Quickly send your info to others - by E-email and/or SMS in just a few clicks! Super convenient. Includes a full contact information for Home, Work and an Alias so that you can send the appriopriate "business card" or "contact card" without hassle.


What cloud is that  v.

Dont know what cloud that is in the sky, open the app and have a look at the thumbnails or medium sized images to match the cloud,

Met Sat Getter  v.2. 3. 2001

The main point here is that MetSatGetter actually downloads the files to your PC so you can retain them for future reference, unlike some systems which just give you a 'moving' 24 hr snapshot.

Outlook PST to TXT  v.2.2

Outlook PST to TXT conversion tool is not beneficial only because it can convert PST to TXT files but the most important point that need to notice here is that once you convert Outlook PST to TXT files you will be able to change the format of these t

Best Guide On Backup  v.1.0

Online Backup Base. No one wants to think about it, but data loss truly is the unspoken business disaster waiting to happen. Best Guide On Backup -

Uni-eMerchant  v.1.0

Uni-eMerchant is considered to be the perfect merchant platform to run the business. The unique thing you can find here in Uniecommerce is that, it combines group deals and online auction with regular ecommerce software.

Dream Pet Link  v.

Dream Pet Link is a puzzle and board game, for your spare time relaxing and entertainment. This game is not difficult at all, the only thing you have to master is that you have a keen sight that you can pick up the same pieces of tiles in less term.

HERE(Free Send GPS Location)  v.1.0

HERE is a free Send GPS Location Application.

Save Clipboard Here  v.1.1

Save Clipboard Here is a utility that nicely sits in your windows context menu (right click menu), allowing you to load and save the content of the clipboard directly from/to a file.

Mozzle Link Popularity  v.1 21

Mozzle Link Popularity checker [also integrated in Mozzle Domain Name Pro] can check the number of web pages that link to your web site (link popularity) in 8 major search engines such as Google, Altavista, AllTheWeb, MSN and more, check for inclusio

Link Buzz

Link Buzz is a link popularity checker software which allows you to check for the no. of backlinks you have on six major search engines and databases and also the no. of pages you have indexed on the Google, Yahoo and MSN for any website you enter. You

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